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About HeadWise

Our world is changing, and it’s changing fast. Information is flowing at  increasing speeds and with it a new group of multi-generational people  from all over the world that want to absorb it as fast as it is coming.

We are two of those people and we created IMPARA as part of our  vision to be able to be part of this new world, and to create great things  from all the knowledge flowing our way. 

Like a lot of people we went to business school. And like a lot of  people we graduated only to find that our education simply did not cut  it in the competitive job market. 

Leo Zega

Leo taught us how to alter our diet to maximize the performance of our  brains and give our bodies every necessary nutrient required to  maximize productivity. This led to us buying many separate  supplements which was time-consuming and expensive, so we then  gave him the challenge of extracting out those nutrients into a single,  concentrated pill that would give our brains what they needed to  create the same effect.   

New path. New Goals. 

We didn’t want an ordinary life. We wanted an edge that was going to  set us apart and move our vision forward.   That involved setting some really big goals. And those goals involved  running a business of our own that was more than just a paycheck.

We wanted to synergize the pursuit of knowledge with our work and to  give something back to the world while doing something that we loved. 

So we followed our interests and spent up to 16 hours a day reading  books, listening to podcasts and networking with other entrepreneurs. 

The information was flowing fast, and we had to keep up.   So we did.    The result was a sports company-  - that exceeded our expectations and  grew over 1000% in a year. We needed an edge to be able to maximize our ability to learn and  process information while continuing to keep up with the new skills  required to run our business. 

Our Journey into Nootropics 

We met a lot of entrepreneurs, and in the process learned about the  illegal “smart drugs” out there. 

Despite the amazing performance of these people we knew it was not  a long-term solution because of their addictive side-effects.  

This led to an exploration of the idea of supplementation and from  there we met Leo Zega, an expert in the field of nutrition, and asked  him to join our team.

The result was a supplement that was without any illegal ingredients that provides long-term benefits without any drawbacks or addictive properties.  

We named it IMPARA - which means “to learn”  in Italian. 

IMPARA is for students, entrepreneurs,  scientists, computer programmers, medical staff and freelancers.

IMPARA was made by us for people like us.